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Safer Recruitment Carolyn and Anne-Louise are members of the Safer Recruitment

Consortium tasked by the DfE with updating the NCSL/CWDC Safer Recruitment training in partnership with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, NASS, CAPE and NSPCC. The statutory guidance Keeping children safe in education and School Staffing Regulations 2009 require that at least one member of every recruitment panel in maintained,  non-maintained, VA and VC schools should have completed 'proper' SR training; this is reflected in the Ofsted inspection framework. For all other children’s service providers, Safer Recruitment is recognised as best practice, in line with Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE 2023). We provide this 1 day accredited course in easy-to-reach locations; alternatively, we are able to come to you or deliver remotely.

Safer Working Practice 'Keeping children safe in education' (DfE 2023) states that schools and FE colleges should have a staff behaviour policy or code of conduct, and this must be included in induction training. Based on the non-statutory ' guidance for safe working practicepublished in 2014 and most recently updated in Spring 2022, this half-day or twilight course encourages staff groups to consider together how allegations of professional abuse occur and identify codes of behaviour that minimise the risk of unsafe conduct. Explores best practice in a range of situations including intimate care, e-safety, safe touch, working 1:1 and social contact.

This 1 day course takes delegates through the national allegations management guidance, using case studies to examine the causes of professional abuse and to consider strategies to reduce the risk of allegations recurring.

INSET Guidance states that all staff should undertake training in basic awareness of child protection and update their training regularly. We offer on-site induction, whole staff sessions, discrete groups (pastoral team, ECT, SLT) and refresher training. We ensure that all INSET events are compliant with your own LSCP / MAP procedures.

Supervision skills for HTs and DSLs All designated staff should have access to child protection supervision but not all LAs / LSCPs offer training or guidance on  this. We offer a half day course to groups of schools, MATs, etc. Alternatively, we do have limited capacity to provide supervision.

Allegations management A growing number of schools now employ their own HR or personnel advisers. Many more nominate members of their leadership team as investigating officers – and this can be an onerous and complex role, particularly within large organisations or across trusts / federations.

Role-specific courses Head teachers should attend training specific to their role, and refresh their training regularly. Designated CP staff should attend training that provides them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to undertake their role and should attend further courses at least every two years to enhance those skills. Our core offer includes ‘Safeguarding for Head Teachers’, ‘Child Protection for newly-designated staff’ and a range of courses for ‘Established designated staff’ as 1-day events. For larger organisations and / or federations, we are happy to deliver these events in-house.

Making sense of the DBS and other vetting checks A half day course explaining what the different checks are, how / when they should be done and how the single central record (SCR) is used to demonstrate compliance with KCSiE 2023 part 3 and other statutory or regulatory requirements.

Eyre Safeguarding Services Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 11136880 whose Registered Office is 9 Ash Hill Gardens, Leeds LS17 8JW

VAT registration number 316 6700 14

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