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"Being an independent school we often feel isolated. This course was tremendous in making me aware of the expectations on Head Teachers."  

"As a result of today's training, I have two pages of actions that I need to follow up! Great course - thank you!"                                                                                                                          


"An exceptional course - every school leader should do it. The depth and breadth of the trainer's knowledge made such a difference."

"It is always reassuring to have you at the end of a phone, with relevant advice. Thank you!"

"As always, relevant and bang up to date. Highlighted all the pitfalls and provides top notch advice"

"Carolyn turned what could have been a dry topic into something lively and well worth listening to; this answered all the questions you would ever need answering but didn’t know who to ask!" 

"Just wanted to let you know that I am still receiving positive feedback from staff. One even e-mailed the Head to say it was the best training she had ever attended! Thank you!"

"Comprehensive, clear – Carolyn’s knowledge and experience is exceptional!"

"Well paced and highly relevant to our sector; not a single word was wasted"

"Highly skilled delivery and extensive knowledge delivered with humour"

"Nothing like any safeguarding course I have been on before, and I've been in education for years. Brilliant!"

"Expert and thorough, Carolyn is always excellent and worth hanging on every word."

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